RTC Podcast Twenty Jul05

RTC Podcast Twenty

They’re back! After a two week hiatus, Matty and Stigo are in Rome. And it turns out that Matty isn’t well….and we’ve not to worry. (we will!) http://roadtochange.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/RTC-20.mp3

RTC Podcast Nineteen Jun14

RTC Podcast Nineteen

Catch up with the latest from Matty and Stig as they dodge the crazy Italian traffic on this latest stop of the Road To Change. The boys discuss what has given them the heebegeebees most on the trip, with Matty recounting a particularly scary German...

RTC Podcast Eighteen Jun08

RTC Podcast Eighteen

Catch up with Matty and Stigo as they arrive in mainland Italy. Snakes, crazy drivers, a dodgy B&B and blistering heat. Plus, poor Yvonne ends up in a ditch. Big shout outs to the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast, and also the Janey Godley...

RTC Podcast Seventeen Jun01

RTC Podcast Seventee...

A bumper one year anniversary episode! Including an in-depth chat with Chibob (Rachel) who was the person that Matty first opened up to about his abuse. Stigo and Matty have a look back over the year, and recall some of the people who have made their experience special. Please donate at...

RTC Podcast Sixteen May24

RTC Podcast Sixteen

Normal service resumed this week! A very exhausted Matty has arrived in Malta after a hugely successful week in Cyprus. Joining him is a very sunburned Mandibobs. We also catch up with the Stig and his pal Jack, who are in...

RTC Podcast Fifteen May17

RTC Podcast Fifteen

Tom Urie guest hosts as Matty is in an internet wilderness! Live report from Stigo and his friend Jack in Italy, as we here a tale of woe about something awful that happened to Yvonne…….Stay tuned this week for a bonus podcast episode when we’ll hear from...

RTC Podcast Fourteen May10

RTC Podcast Fourteen

By: Matty, Stigo, Amanda http://roadtochange.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/RTC-14.mp3

RTC Podcast Thirteen May03

RTC Podcast Thirteen

The boys are in Greece! Matty stands on a snake, crosses a rickety bridge and wades through a busted river. Stigo goes skinny dipping. Slight technical probe with Mandibob’s section – will be sorted by next...

RTC Podcast Twelve Apr26

RTC Podcast Twelve

In this bumper edition, Matty opens up like never before about his reasons for embarking on the Road To Change, answering some of the listeners questions about his abuse and his fight. Also, we hear from Amanda in...

RTC Podcast Eleven Apr19

RTC Podcast Eleven

As Matty, Stig and Amanda’s time in Sofia draws to a close, they reflect on what they’ve achieved, and how attitudes and reactions to child sexual abuse vary from country to country. Stig’s “Nae Luck” of the week is too embarrassing to share, so we’ll have...